Follow These Rules For Better Sexual Life

October 10, 2018 


Sex does not just mean reach of one partner’s orgasm. It is important for both partners to have sex and enjoy it. Nowadays there is a bad effect on the life of a person due to lack of time in a runaway life. This is the reason that depression and stress today makes every victim easily. But research says that sex plays an important role in getting rid of stress. Not only this but many benefits to having sex. That’s why every partner must know these sex rules to live better sex life.

Sex Does Not Mean Just Intercourse

Without romance, sex has no meaning. If there is no romance, then the emphasis on sex between partners also changes in force. It is very important to bring romance into sex to strengthen your relationship. Psychiatrists also believe that after hurling a few minutes after the huffiness to stop hurrying or just fulfilling the needs of the body, sleeping in your partner’s mind becomes irritating towards sex which is wrong. That is why start the sex with foreplay. Play Naughty games with your partner for some time and prepare them for the Intercourse.

Sex Is Required At Least Twice A Week

Research shows that sex is equally important for a happy life as much as roti, cloth and house. In fact, when creating a physical relationship, the attainment level becomes high in relationships. Not only the sex, but also the mind gets peace. Feeling of extreme pleasure during sex, the frozen hormones that are born in the body decrease stress of the mind. Sometimes this stuff also works as a buster, and sometimes love making. That is why it is important to have sex at least twice a week in a week.

Do not compare your sex life to others

The very special rule of sex is that when you are intimating with your partner, do not ever disassemble on the fact that sexual life of the people is better than your life. Or, as you would in porn movies, you are never the same. By doing such things, there is a sense of disappointment in the partner, which is not right for sexual life. If you want to try something new, enjoy sex on those places which are slightly offbeat.

Understand The Partner’s Emotions

Sex does not just mean fulfilling your desires, but it is also to understand the feelings of your partner. You have to take care of his duties as well. If any of the two partners are passing through hatred, anger, tension, pain or any mental problem, then sex is not right. Therefore, before sex, especially take care of whether your partner is fully prepared for sex or not.