How To Use

HOW TO USE JAMAICAN STONE Jamaican Black Stone Symbol

Jamaican Stone the perfect solution for untimely ejaculation and gives power to you to perform last longer
in bed.

The use of Jamaican Stone is very easy and simple. Because of its small size, we can keep it secretly and can use anywhere at any time. The following are well-ordered guidelines on the most proficient method to utilize the Jamaican Stone to enable you to keep up a more grounded erection, to stop your untimely discharge issues in a flash or to just enhance your sexuality! Also, in particular, to empower you to appreciate sex for a considerable length of time with enduring and harder erections. Our Jamaican Stone is 100% compelling! One Jamaican Stone can be utilized around 15 times! You definitely will be shocked by the impacts of Jamaican Stone!

SIMPLE AND EASY TO USE Jamaican Black Stone Symbol

Jamaican Stone Simple And Easy To Use

1. Take a couple drops of water in the palm of your hand. Spin to blend the Stone in your palm in a good manner for 20 seconds.


Simple And Easy To Use

2.This will give a smooth liquid. At that point, expel the stone of your hand, be mindful so as not to spill the smooth liquid got.


Jamaican Stone Apply At Penis

3.Apply a little measure of the liquid to the delicate piece of your penis, basically the head, neck, and underside.


4.Sit tight around 15 minutes for it to dry and assimilated. You will feel a pleasurable cool shivering consuming sensation on your penis. At that point wash with and dry your penis.

Keep in mind after connected, wash off any outstanding deposit on your fingertips and hands thoroughly.

Jamaican Stone is the Ultimate Delaying Solution for Men that battles untimely discharge and enables you to Last Longer in Bed at whatever point you pick. 


  • It would be ideal if you never lick it or swallow Jamaican Stone.
  • Keep far from children.
  • Never avoid washing your penis after the utilization of the item as said above.