Knows Which Sex Positions Can Be Dangerous For Your Partner

September 20, 2018 


Sex is the easiest and simplest way to increase the love between two people by connecting them together. During sex, when both of you get the breath from each other’s breath, when both of you are being absorbed in each other, light shakes with each shock, do the work of ghee to increase the lust of both of you; Chasing one another’s body, licking each other’s bodies with their love, and suddenly a loud voice, full of pain and consequences, fracture or injuries in your penis or penis or vaginal bleeding of your partner. | We have brought sex positions for you who can be dangerous for gender / penis or vagina.

Sometimes Oral Sex

In this position both men and women use their mouth and tongue and in this there is oral sex instead of penetrative sex. In this position, the two partners excite the sex partner of another partner. In this position, men play with their tongue and fingers with the vagina and clitoris while the woman exacerbates the gender of the male with its mouth and tongue. In this position, both partners have the possibility of receiving orgasms, and then it is considered to be the best sex position.

Oral sex or 69 positions is likely that your partner ejaculates in your eyes and consequently you get infected with Chlamydia conjunctivitis.

French Sex

When you try to do French sexes in which you are used to treat your partner as a vaginal cleavage, but do you know that your partner’s boobs can be dangerous for your penis? Sometimes, when you put more force than your penis on the breast, it is likely that your penis will have fracture and if you do not use lubricant then your penis can chip.

Woman On Top/Cowgirl

In this position, the woman is sitting on her partner. Generally, women like to dominate, and in this position the same thing is realized. In this position, the women reach the stage of ultimate realization very soon. During this time, the male should cooperate with the woman, and pressure should be made from the bottom to the top. Penis or penis in Woman on Top Position can be very at risk from women’s pubic bone. If the vagina is not well-wetted or you have not used lubrication and if a woman gives shocks while sitting on the male, then both frown and dryness can cause Penis and Vejina both. Sex on the Women On Top is entirely dependent on the woman, and due to the weight of the woman, Penis can sometimes break into contact with her pubic bone.

Doggy Style

The men who have the habit of viewing Porn are very interested in the Doggy position and the male female enters it from behind the partner. The advantage of this position is that in addition to intercourse, men can play them with other parts of the body of the female, but according to a survey, gender or Penis fracture In the event of 29%, Doggy style is the cause.

If the person tries to enter the force by force from the back, then if the position and angle are not correct then you can tear off the partner’s vagina, and on many occasions instead of entering the penis vagina, enter the anus. And consequently the penis can rupture with the anus and the injury may occur.