These Way To Make Sex Feelings Even More Better

October 12, 2018 


Sex is a gift of nature that makes bonds of two people stronger. But nowadays due to the lifestyle, we can not give time to each other or continue to enjoy boring sex life. But do you know that by combining small elements you can make your special moments worth enjoying! So try these tips and temper your sex life!

Do Something Else: You’re sex in the shower, in your backyard or garage, in another room of the house, variations bring in position, do a Fantasy Share, hotel room reservation, please, please experiment going on long drives … let’s just fly your imagination !!

Have fun with open eyes: Try to keep your eyes open during the orgasm. This will be a vulnerability variation that will move you to a new level of excitement and pleasure.

Touch the meeting: The love-filled touch makes a deep feel. It is said without saying a lot. This is the language of passion. There is a feeling of being one.

Start with the shower: Take a shower before going to bed and they too together This will give you an opportunity to remove all stress and tension together and then you can take full enjoyment of those moments. This is also the best form of foreplay.

Foreplay a few hours ago: Naughty messages, notes in the bedroom, syndicated phone calls, teasing – all increase the excitement and it results in wild and patent sex by night.

Focus on KINGS: Do not forget to concentrate on other body parts, focusing on kissing. Trial this time. Give priority to kissing only, give it more time and do not touch the other body parts until the Desire gets too much and it becomes very difficult to control.

Touch the Sensitive Area: Inner Thai contains very exciting nerves. Put pressure on them, trace them, do them, and slowly move upwards.

Dress and undress: Choose sexy clothes and take special care of the lingerie. If you want, you can also give a new flavor with roll play and enjoy the Fantasy Land. Take time to undress and make money nested.

Take Dessert to bed: Anything Tasty and Less Sticky Can Help to Raise Your Oral Pleasure. Drip it on the body and do it.

Blindfold: As soon as our senses are less then the second sensation increases. So when you make Blindfold, tails and smells like senses and enhancements. Sense of Smell works like a promoting agent, then you should put a fine mild perfume and mood with the sanded candles in the room.

Eat Right and Feed: Sharing the mile is an intelligent thing in itself. Along with eating food which is both a plaster and a dessert, it is necessary. Some foods such as chocolates, banana, oysters, pomegranate, oatmeal, garlic, ginger and honey promote sex hormones.

New Position: We repeat most of the old positions that make the sex boring. Take inspiration from internal or books or even allow your imagination to fly.

Take full time: Forget the floor and enjoy the trip. Notice every touch and insert pressure. Enjoy every feel by not paying full attention to the orgasm, enjoy the whole, keep the intimacy and raise the pleasure.