Tips To Make Wedding Night Easier

January 30, 2019 


Lovemaking for the first time can be a bit overwhelming. For you and your partner. While it may be a little awkward for some, others actually get through this time feeling absolutely comfortable and having a great time. If you’ve been there before and your partner hasn’t, or vice versa, then it’s absolutely okay. You want to make it worth remembering for both of you and these sexy tips will come in handy.

Here are seven moves and tricks to remember when it’s the first time in bed for either of you. To make it all a little easier, we’ve added a few lovemaking positions too that’ll make fun for you both.

Focus On The Foreplay

Just like how you need to warm up before going to the gym, you need to warm up before you get with it. So needless to say, foreplay is really important when it comes to lovemaking. Focus on foreplay to turn on both of you. After all, foreplay works wonders for a woman!

Touch Each Other

Like we said, taking time is the key to great lovemaking. Take time to feel him up and let him feel you. Take turns to do this until both of you are super turned on and ready to get slamming’.

A Little Mouth Action

You know the key to turn on a man? You touch his little soldier, especially the balls. It’s an instant turn on for them. He will experience something ecstatic and will appreciate you more for this experience. Even better? Go down on him and tease around his pelvis. Let him go down on you as well. Not only is it extremely pleasurable, it is super fun as well!

Focus On The Neck

The neck happens to be an extremely sensitive area. Kissing and breathing heavily around the neck is one of the ways to turn on your partner. Kiss him and bite him around his neck and let him do the same to you.

Experiment With Position

Since it’s the first time for one of you, you may be a little hesitant and scared, we suggest you experiment a little. We’ve listed a few positions that’ll make having lovemaking for the first time easier and you should definitely choose one of them.